African Leadership challenge:Building strong institutions and not strong men or personalities

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When Africans learn to take their focus from political personalities to improving the systems and institutions of state, Africa would make tremendous strides in its fight against the misuse and abuse of its resources.

Leadership is not in the office you occupy, but the tremendous impact you make in the lives of people.

Africans need to ask themselves the right questions and seek the right solutions to these questions. If those questions are rightly answered, the society would be a blissful one for all to admire and enjoy.

We want to eradicate hunger and disease in Africa. How can this be achieved. We need excellent healthcare delivery on the continent. How can we achieve this? We need excellent social amenities in our society. Example: water supply, Energy supply, good road network. How can we achieve this?

We desire safety and security in our society. How can the law enforcement agencies be equipped to deal with crime, lawlessness and disorder in our society?

We want to punish those who violate the laws of the land by engaging in bribery, corruption and criminal activities. How can we strengthen the institutions involved to deliver the goods the society seeks.

We desire to be financially self reliant as a nation. How can this be achieved?

How can we create the enabling environment to facilitate more employment for the youth in society? How can we take the truant and deviant youth off the street and make them useful citizens?

You realize that we have a lot of tough issues to contend with as a people and find solutions to them. One way to remedy the situation and find lasting solutions as Africans is to: Take your focus off the politicians or political leaders for some time and think a little deeper about these issues. Some consider the politicians as small gods who should bring all their wishes to reality. Yes we admit, they have a great role to play but that is not the end of the story.

Focus your energy, time, and abilities on how we can strengthen our institutions to bring us what we truly desire. Even if you don’t agree - it is worth noting: That political party systems are short lived, self seeking and internally focused on winning power at all cost and milking the state’s resources to their advantage.

The society continues to exist beyond governments. Force governments to do the right thing even if you support them. Force out governments legitimately who do not deliver the necessities you voted them in to provide.

It is pathetic and heartbreaking seeing our African brothers sitting, waiting and wishing for the time a particular political party or political leader will win power and change their economic fortunes for the better. Rather focus on how the current system can be improved to help turn your economic fortunes around.

Does your life come to a halt or a stand still because your preferred party is not in power? Do you stop breathing; eating and doing all things humans do because your party is not in power? Does your age remain static and stop increasing because your favorite leader is not the president? Do you stop working to feed your children because an unfriendly regime is in power?

If your answer is No, then you need a complete re-engineering of your thinking or a paradigm shift when it comes to the issues of state and national development.

Focus rather as a good citizen, on how your society can be a better society irrespective of who is at the helm of affairs. Focus on how we can build up our institutions of state in away that strengthens them enough to be relevant to the current and future generation.

By building strong institutions of state in Africa, our destinies as a people would be much more assured; -then just leaving it into the hands of politicians who are only mostly seeking their own interest. Men will come and go. Leaders will come and go. Political parties will come and go, but our lives and destinies lives beyond strong men, politics and personalities. THINK AGAIN, BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

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