The Church as the Family of God

Published on by Joseph Foray jnr.

Delivery: Cosmos Owusu Afriyie (Preacher), Oforikrom – Church of Christ.

(English Assembly), Kumasi, Ghana

Text: Acts 2: 41- 47, Mark 3: 31 – 35. Date: Sunday 11th Jan, 2015

The church as the family of God continued steadfastly in

  1. The apostles doctrine
  2. They continued in fellowship
  3. Continued in the breaking of bread
  4. And steadfastly continued in Prayers

When the children of God assemble, singing, prayers and joy is found in such gatherings. Every member of that family is important and has a role to play in the assembly. Find an area you can be very useful in the house of God as a man or woman.

Things that help the family to be strong.

  1. A good family spends time together.
  2. A good family has respect for each member of that family.
  3. Emotional sentiments of love, care, brotherly kindness is expressed in such a family.

When there is love, the family can deal with difficult situations that arise in the course of time.

The church as a family is where God has placed you. He has made you a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a peculiar people to show forth his praises. Walk in that grace and do the things that righteous people do. You are special in God’s family.

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