Leadership in the Gambia post election 2016

Published on by Joseph Foray jnr.

How many years must it take a leader to make a meaningful impact in the life of his country? Yahyah Jameh's 22 year rule in the Gambia is enough time to have made his mark and contribute to the welfare of his country. When you subscribe to democracy,  it is the will of the people that counts. 

The Gambian people have decided that after 22 years of governance under Jameh, a new direction is necessary. Please respect the will of the people and do the honorable thing. Hand over power to the elected party.

President Good Luck Jonathan of Nigeria and president John Mahama of Ghana are shining examples of good leadership in Africa. Gracefully conceded defeats in the presidential elections and handed over power.

The Gambian leader must emulate these beautiful examples and make Africa proud of its leaders.

Africa Has Hope Because Africa has you.!!

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