Africans Risking death for greener pastures in the West

Published on by Joseph Foray jnr.

Why suffer and die painfully when you have a family and a home back in Africa you can always return to?  Some risks are not worth it. Life is more precious than money and possessions.  Love Life and try again. You shall overcome in your home land.

While some Africans in the diaspora are making a return to Africa, some Africans at home are doing all it takes to go far away from their homeland.

The Leadership in Africa is failing its people and pushing them so hard to the point of desperation, suffering and death.  Why can’t African leaders put away the injustice, the lies, the deceitfulness, the theft and corruption……. And give the African people a chance to love their continent and not run away from it.

The strong and energetic labour force are all risking their lives in their quest to find so called greener pastures abroad. It’s a shame, its saddening. It’s so distasteful to see brothers and sisters risking their lives and dying just to attempt to live a simple, decent, peaceful life in Africa.

A beautiful African continent that deserves so much better from its leaders and managers to avert this disastrous calamity of risking it all just because they’ve lost hope in their governments to offer security and a better chance to make it in life.

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