The Diaspora and Africa: The Year of Return in Ghana. Be inspired.

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"I was lost but now, I'm found. Was blind but now i see. It was grace that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home". These are the sacred words of the Christian Hymn, Amazing grace. These words resonate with many Africans in the diaspora and African Americans who have made a conscious effort to rediscover their ancestral roots in Africa. 

The feeling is ecstatic. So much emotion, joy, sadness and beauty to rediscover a home your ancestors left many years ago. What a journey it has been.

For many African Americans, its about a different kind of peace rediscovered. A special kind of connection with the African continent that is a dream come true. Where skin colour is not a determining factor of who you are as a person.  Where young people can rediscover an identity, a culture, a serene way of life never known in the West.

The year of return definitely is a blessing in disguise for many Africans in the diaspora who have felt empty and lost in a Country they struggle to find an identity and recognition.

Africa has its challenges like all parts of the world. Africa is however a beautiful continent with so much to explore, discover and rediscover. IT gives everyone an opportunity to reassert yourself, your identity and create the world in which possibility abounds.

Visit the African continent and be inspired.

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