Imagine an Africa and a world without you

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I am Joseph Foray Jnr- Vice president -strategic planning for the 42nd Generation, an African Youth Organization based in Accra, Ghana. The passion for rebuilding the leadership of Africa takes a lot of dimensions even from the daily activities we engage in.
I would love to share with you an important lesson from the pulpit of my brother, pastor, and colleague- Ogochukwu Chidiebere Nweke, the president of the 42nd generation and Pastor of the Lords House Church in Accra, Ghana. It is both a petition and a thought provoking lesson on the Topic:

 Imagine an Africa & a world without you.

 Whatever ethnic or religious affiliation you belong to, I believe there is something here for you. Have you ever thought about what the world would be like without you? Or what would be the effect or consequences of your absence from your family, church, job, community, nation, continent and the world? For many of us in Ghana and Africa, there is a perception that we do not matter much in the bigger scheme of things when it comes to nation building, policy debates and individual contribution to changing the course of history in our nations. I have come to tell you that this perception is erroneous and must be washed out of your mindsets immediately. Realize this.

 Point 1. If you cannot understand the purpose of your creation, you will never know your relevance in this world. For Christ said, “I am from above and I have come to do the will of my Father”. We must realize that there is a purpose and relevance for our creation. Do everything to discover that purpose.

 Point 2. Relevance will make you realize your authority. Discovering your relevance will make you confident and powerful. Your relevance makes you speak, think and act in a very different way from the normal person. You do not speak anyhow or behave disorderly because of the authority that bears your name. A man that does not recognize authority will not know his relevance. You cannot exercise authority when you feel irrelevant to your society.

 Point 3. Realize that without you, the world is not balanced. Let us take the scenario of the human body and how it functions. Can the eye say I’m more important than the ear or the mouth say I’m more important than the toes? (1 Cor. 12:12-19) Without you the equation is not balanced. Imagine an Africa without you?

 You are significant to your nation and continent. The realization of your role and authority is a major step forward in making Africa and the world a better place. Make that call, send that mail, give that advice, encourage that brother. Let your voice be heard. Be that change.
Africa has Hope, because Africa has you.

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<br /> im crucial to Africa and its progress and i will commit to it.<br /> <br /> <br />
thanks love
This is a great blog, Joseph. The Title: African -Reality is really captivating. Africa is a great nation blessed with enormous resources. As an African residing in the Western world, the view of Africa is not good at all. So this brings light to what Africa really is and how we can improve our continent and make it a better one. Great! Keep up the Good work. <br /> <br /> Watta