Being on the same page with God

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Sermonist: Ogochukwu Nweke.

 Text: Numbers 13:25-33, 14: 1-10

Anytime you live beneath the purpose of God you are walking beneath the life you’ve been called to live. The purpose of Christ coming was to restore man to the original purpose of God for man. What type of mentality are you going through life with? Many believers are going through life with a grasshopper mentality.

 Numbers 13: 33
 Most of the men sent to survey the land of Canaan saw themselves as grasshoppers in their own eyes. Caleb and Joshua saw themselves through the eyes of God. Saying ‘we are well able to take the land- for they are bread before our eyes’. Being on the same page with God is seeing ourselves the way God sees us and walking not according to our common sense; but walking by divine wisdom.

 Until we can come to the full experience of what God has called us to, we’ll continue to run helter-skelter. Until you imbibe the wisdom that is from above, you’ll continue to live and see yourself as a grasshopper. Using our common sense we tend to ask too many questions.

 How is this thing going to be possible and how can I get out of this difficult situation? Know that THE HOW belongs to God. He will do what he says he will do. We tend to dwell upon ‘THE HOW’ so much that we tend to stop trusting in the word of God. Using his logical mind, Philip told Jesus that it was impossible to feed five thousand people with 5 loaves of Bread and 2 fish.

Little did he know that his master was operating with divine wisdom and not logical reasoning. (John 6: 1-7) Take the word of God as it comes to you; stop being too logical. Let us stand in the place where he has asked us to stand. Put the word to test and be on same page with God. Wisdom from above will make you experience true greatness.

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