African youth high impact experience Seminar

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how the books read and cooking impact Marriages Excerpts from the seminar.         22nd August, 2010 –


Now is the time to acquire all essential information concerning life and marriage. Making the point of women’s value in society – it is often said “if you educate a man you educate an individual, and if you educate a woman you educate a whole nation.

• It is great to read books written by people about their Leaders in society as well as people who inspire you. The books others write about their lives become the lamp unto the traveller’s feet.


• Read stuff that teaches you about grooming for life. Ie: arts, cooking, home management and areas of your interest.


• Ladies can be fashion curious but not at the expense of their womanhood. It should not be all about dressing up, hair gears and looking good. You must be hungry for knowledge that would equip you for life. Make a focused effort.


• Dive headlong into the sea of quality books. For books makes a man.

• Remember, the greatest book on earth is the BIBLE. This is your reservoir of knowledge and wisdom


COURTESY: Beatrice Archur

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