Liberia @ 163. Mending the broken walls.(flag day)

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As Liberia - Africa's oldest republic celebrates 163 years of independence and the creation of her flag, i can only keep trumpeting the need for unity, patriotism,good governance and quality leadership with which the nation's progress lies.


We congratulate Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her administration for the commitment to nation building and good leadership under very difficult circumstances.


Let US  not forget these essentials on the way forward.


Security is crucial and the most important factor to spur development in Liberia. the fight against crime and arm robbery  must be intensified.


Infrastructural development. the road network, electricity and water supply  are non negotiable sectors that need attention. kudos to Ellen for the improved road network.



Education: I'm impresssed by the opening of the new University of Liberia campus outside the capital. Great stuff.


heathcare and sanitation  lies at the heart of a productive nation.


Employment: all hands on deck. the private sector needs to play a crucial role.


tourism: a highly under developed sector that needs our attention.


Sports....  shamful. football specifically....when last did we qualify for the nations cup? the FA needs to wake up from its




And on on we go......we can mend the pieces and rebuild the broken walls. Lets get seroius with national issues.


Africa has hope because Africa has you.







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<br /> with every day that passes, let us make it a point to reflect on just not ourselves, but the majority in need of our care. our nations need us.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> we will get better by the day!<br /> <br /> <br />