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Oforikrom Church of  Christ History


Located in central kumasi in Ghana, the oforikrom Church of Christ history dates back to 1971. Its begining  which was a conversion of an interdenominational prayer group called "Good St. Anna Prayer Group''.


According to (Agya) Anthony Mensah (elder),  this prayer group was organized by the late minister, Thomas Kofi Dadzie. Interestingly, brother Kofi Dadzie came into contact with the Bomso Church of Christ/Ghana Bible college public preaching at Oforikrom School Park and got baptized(immersed) in early 1973.

He(kofi Dadzie) in turn began teaching his group members the gospel he had received from Bomso Church but was met with opposition from some of the group members. They included Anthony Mensah, Bismark Abeeku Nyarko, Akua Nago, Enoch Aggrey, Agya Yaw Barima among others.

Understanding of the gospel began to unfold soon after some members of the Bomso Church started visiting and studying with the prayer group members. Brother S. B. Obeng, Kingsley Adu, Ken Kesse, Elder Asiam(now late), Gabriel Nyankey, Adjei Boateng and some others from the Ghana Bible College namely J.W.K Akowah, Stephen Somfo, Joseph Amporful, Cosmos Amoako were regular teachers. After the conversion of the leader, it was not too difficult to convert the other members to the faith despite some initial resistence from members. During this time, there were only two two congregations in the country - The Bomso and Ahinsan Churches of Christ.

The members who were baptized worshipped with Bomso Church and were conveyed each Sunday morning by Dr. S. B. Obeng's V W bus to and from church service. This continued until January 1974 when members decided to worship at Oforikrom since finding a meeting place was not a hinderance for them. However, this proposal did not go well with Bomso Church leaders who tried every means possible to discourage the idea. The first strategy was to offer the late Dadzie who was the leader-- admission at the Ghana Bible College. Series of meetings were held with members after each week's prayer meeting and after Sunday worship.

It was at one of such meetings in February 1974 that one Missionary named Royce Reynolds intervened and the leaders consented to the idea. Therefore the first Sunday Of March 1974, Oforikrom church had her maiden worship with a small group of less than twenty members. Some brtheren from Bomso who resided at New Amakom (Anloga Fanti New Town) joined. Among them were Adjei Boateng, the late Kofi Asiamah, Amoako Atta and wife and Vida Amoako. That day an amount of thirteen cedis (13.00) was realized as the first offering.

The Oforikrom congregation became a prayer centre for the churches of christ in the Kumasi metropolis and they met on Wednesday evenings for the prayer meetings. Meetings took place in a classroom of a primary school at Oforikrom. The remaining founding members include brothers Anthony Mensah, Bimark Abeeku Nyarko, Agya Yaw Barima, Sister Ama Adoma and Sister Elizabeth Bonney.

The late Osofo Dadzie got enrolled at the Ghana Bible College for his ministerial training in 1973 and was later engaged to minister at a congregation in Jamasi which was supervised by Bomso Church. This development affected th newly established Oforikrom Church greatly. The other members of this new congregation had to worship on their own without a competent leader.

There were also few transfers in the membership. For instance, brother Anthony Mensah was transferred to Mampong by his employers; brother Enoch Aggrey left for Accra whilst brother Bismark Nyarko went to school. There was a virtual demise of the church since other members either had to go to Bomso to worship whiles others simply abandoned this ''new church'' idea. Others left for their former denominations.

Brother Anthony Mensah returned to Kumasi in 1976 and revived the church at Oforikrom. There were initial opposition from the Bomso Church. This time round, they engaged the sevices of brother Frank N.N Nortey as preacher who started to build up this congregation. The new church now saw a steady growth due to its role as an evangelism promoter and a prayer centre. This effort was rewarded with the inclusion of the World Bible School on the church's evangelism programme in 1981.

The popularity of the Oforikrom Church of christ began to show prominenetly among the churches in Ghana. Borther Y.B Nkansah was brought in as an Associate Preacher in 1982 and he was instrumental in strengthening the teaching ministry.

Craving for Leadership at Oforikrom Church of Christ.

In the early days of the church, the highest decision making body was men's monthly meeting. It was realized that there were too many arguments, disputes, confrontation and victimisation among brethren during the meetings. This brought discomfort to most members. The preachers therefore introduced ''the Coordinating Committee'' system where thirteen members were selected as the decision making body for the church. This move minimized the tension at meetings and was more manageable than the former though it had its demerits.

Preacher Y.B Nkansah (late) initiated teachings on Church Leadership for Elders and Deacons which was continued and completed by Minister Nicholas Boachie.The church in 2012 has two full time preachers, five elders and eleven Deacons. There are several other Bible teachers and committee members who support the leadership in the teaching minstry of the church and other activities.
The church at Oforikrm has produced strong men like Evangelist Dan Owusu Asiamah(an international evangelist ), Fred Asare(now Director of the Village of Hope, an orphage of the Church of Christ) among others.

On 15th July, 2012, the Oforikrom Church of Christ ordined additional Elders and Deacons to strenghten the church's leadership, coordination and functions. Prior to this date, the church had two elders and five deacons. The ordination ceremony brought in three additional elders and six additional deacons. The total number of elders today is five; whilst the total number of deacons is eleven.

The 5 man committee for the selection and ordination of additional elders and deacons included:

Cosmos Owusu - Afriyie
Harrison Obeng Debrah
Isaac Boison
Daniel Oteng
Daniel Etse

The church today meets in her own fully built and furnished ediface and run two streams of services.

The English Service

The first service is the English service which is targeted at the non-twi speaking inhabitants in the Kumasi metropolis.This service began in February 2003 under the leadership of the late Preacher Y. B Nkansah with assistance from bretheren including Edward Amanor Tetteh, Bismark Abeeku Nyarko, Arthur B. David (missionary preacher from Liberia) etc.

The Oforikrom English service runs its worship from 7:00 am - 9 am every Sunday. Bible studies follows from 9 am - 10 am on the same day.

The oforikrom Church of Christ English assembly is a family of local and international connections. Overtime it has drawn its membership from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Togo, South Africa, the United States and still counting.The total membership at Oforikrom church is approximately one thousand and still counting.
The Twi Service

The second and oldest service is the twi service which runs from 10am - 12: 30pm every sunday. The church meets on Tuesdays form 7 - 8pm for Bible studies and on Wednesdays 7-8pm for prayer meetings.  The youth class is on Mondays also from  7pm - 8pm. 

The church through its evangelistic work has established several  congregations at Nnuaso, Mpatasie, Kenyase, Kumawu, Pokukrom, Asanta (Nzema), Bechem and Aputuogya among others in Ashanti, Eastern and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana. The church has helped revived several other churches as well.

Other projects and programmes undertaken by Oforikrom Church of Christ includes:

The christian Academy (a Basic school run by the church)
The Church of Christ Senior High School (CHRISEC)- run in partnership with Asafo church of christ.
The Singles conference (youth yearly flagship program involving other congregations in the metropolis)
The Couples Retreat (for married couples)
Childrens Bible Camp (with Asafo Church of christ)
House to house evangelim
Metro Evangelim
Outreach programmes involving satellite congregations - Nnuaso, Mpatasie, Kenyase, Kumawu, Asanta(Nzema), Bechem and Aputuogya
Radio Broadcast

Ministries/Committees/Groups at Oforikrom Church of Christ

Evangelism Ministry
Benevolence Ministry - Welfare, Marriage, Funeral
Worship Ministry
Finance Committee
Building and Asset Committee
Visitation Committee
Children's Ministry
Women's Ministry
Youth Ministry
Education Ministry
Annual Bible Camp Committee
Children's Camp Committee
Fund Raising Committee

Current Full time Ministers of the church

Minister Nicholas Yaw Boachie
Minister Cosmos Owusu- Afriyie

Elders  at Oforikrom Church of Christ and their Portforlios.

Elder Padmore  Akwasi Addai; incharge of Evangelism, children and New converts.

Elder Felix Kwabena Kyere;  responsible for Worship, Women, Building and Asset management

Elder Anthony Kofi Mensah, incharge of  Visitation, Funerals and Marriages.

Elder/Preacher Joseph Foray Snr ...incharge of Education, Youth, English Assembly and Administration

Elder Lordson Richard Kyeremeh ......responsible for Finance, Benevolence and the Christian Academy.

Deacons at Oforikrom Church of Christ and their Portforlios.

Deacon Kwame Obed Kataka, responsible for Funerals and Marriage affairs.

Deacon Joseph Aidoo, incharge of New converts.

Deacon Emmanuel Asare Mensah, oversees Education and Administration.

Deacon J. B Danquah, incharge of Visitation.

Deacon Daniel Oteng is responsible for Worship.

Deacon Robert Asiamah, incharge of Finance and the English Assembly.

Deacon David  Kwadwo Agbanyo responsible for Youth matters

Deacon Emmanuel Nyarko; incharge of Evangelism

Deacon Emmanuel Azumah Nanlemnah  oversees the Children's ministry

Deacon Thomas  Kwame Agyemang is responsible for Building and Asset management

Deacon George K. Anning; take charge of Benevolence and Women affairs.

Note that some responsibilities of the elders and deacons overlap; so they work together in several different groups for effective coordination of roles.


Salute one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you. Romans 16.16

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Am also a member of church of christ agape accra. I was trying to seek help from the big churchs of supporting me bible school. But I do not know what is wrong. I have write to them no response. Would like to know from you and the your congregation as well.
The church currently does not have scholarship programs for members attending the Bible school. though an educational scheme is being formulated. Please check with the institutions you are applying to, some may offer scholarship programs for students .thank you.