Real leadership.No greed.No dirty tricks

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Africa is beyond bemoaning the past for its problems. The task of undoing that past is on the shoulders of African leaders themselves, with the support of those willing to join in a continental renewal. We have a new generation of leaders who know that Africa must take responsibility for its own destiny, that Africa will uplift itself only by its own efforts in partnership with those who wish her well." ............Nelson Mandela



This is why military adventurism in Africa should also be a thing of the past. the case of Mali a definite case in determined to make a change in their nations  do not prove this point by hijacking the presidency. we know these tricks....they dont work anymore..


let us all take responsibity in our little areas of influence.true leadership does not equate to the presidency. Are u a taxi driver, a street sweeper, a soldier or banker, take the lead in your area of influence and the world will sit up and take notice of you. be the best at what your hand finds to do.


Africa has hope because Africa has you!

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