The African youth conference on HIV/AIDS organized by the 42nd Generation Organization.

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This conference was held on Saturday, 27th February, 2010 at the African University College of Communication (AUCC) in Accra, Ghana

Theme: the role of African values and culture in the fight against HIV &AIDS

The program brought out some salient points which we must educate ourselves about.


AIDS is real and not a myth. The statistics are staggaring. 34 million people inffected with HIV/AIDS worldwide. 30 million people have died due to HIV/AIDS. 15 Million orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Management of  HIV/AIDS among families affected

The culture of family in the African setting goes beyound the nuclear family setup and includes immediate and distant relatives. eg. uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews etc. This set up ensures that bur
 den and challenges  brought up by  HIV/AIDS is seen more as a family challenge than an individual one. The necessary support from all quaters is extended to cater for the infected person.

A positive mental attitude about ones HIV status goes a long way to either prolong life or cut it short. Your mind is your gold mine, so only messages of faith, rassurance and a joyful lifestyle will keep an infected person going. Put away all worries, anxiety and the fear of dying away from you. If you`re a believer, trust and pray to GOD for healing and relief.

Multiple sexual partners is a No No!. Only potected sex with one partner will be ok.

The administering of anti ritrovirals is needed to help infected persons  manage the impact of th HIV virus in the system.

Healthy eating habits is a great immune booster. An excellent mix of fruits and vegetables, protein and all relevant nutrients to give a well balaced diet.
All negative  habits put away such as smoking, drinking, taking in drugs must be avoided. the family has a role to play in counselling and supporting.

Some Useful preventive measures against HIV/AIDS

Be knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS. its transmission mode, preventive measures, symptoms and management of the disease.

Creating public awareness on HIV/AIDS by means of educational programmes in schools, clubs, the media etc.

Having sexual pleasures with strangers is dangerous and must be avoided. Never enter into such acts with anyone.

Never engage in unprotectd sex...... always use a condom. Latex condom more preferable. Our resource person suggests condoms are not 100% safe and could just break at times. tiny pores in some condoms may let through the virus.

She seriously recommends abstinence especially for the African youths who have  great future ahead of them and would not like to cut short their destinies by engaging in free sex.

Circumcision under medical supervision can reduce the risk associted with HIV/AIDS.

Infected needles and blades should be avoided as well as sharp objects. sterilized needles should be used when injecting drugs. New razors should be used everytime when shaving.

In Blood transfussion, it is important to have blood screened and tested negative for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections before use.

Get the right information. The quality of information received today forms the basis for leadership and change tomorrow.

Your nation, continent and the world needs you ALIVE.



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