The Christian and Nation building

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The author believes that Transformational leadership in Africa can be realized when the citizenry is proactive and live the values of truth, unity, intergrity and patriotism. The christian has a great role to play in national progress. Christians are the light of the world and must imbibe the values of the word of God and not be deceived by people who are mostly driven by greed and other parochial interest.


In explaining the Christian and nation building, preacher Cosmos categorized his points under the heading.....Dimensions of Nation building.

Dimensions of Nation Building

In nation building, states seek to achieve political  maturity and progress.  Every nation has a history whether positive or negative  that it can learn from and forge into the future. "In every decision we take as a nation, we must see where we're coming from and where we are going;  that shows the true sence of maturity.

2nd dimension of nation building is the achievement of economic progress. A nation citizens must be empowered to make good financial decisions in their lives, careers, jobs and businesses. All citizens must have the opportunity  to thrive and reach their  full potential of growth and development.

The social dimension of nation building.
To build a strong nation, we must encourage unity in diversity. Ethnicity and language must never divide a people but must unite them.  As Christians, oneness should be the guide word and not division. Non citizens should not be ill treated  and disadvantaged. We must encourage multiplicity of groups in a nation.  Do not allow politicians to plant seeds of discord and division amongst us as a people especially ethnic division.

There is a need for cultural tolerance and alignment. We must have respect for other cultures and beliefs that are peculiar to others.

Good leadership:

This dimension of nation building is so crucial in spear heading the nation to peace, progress and prosperity.  We need good leadership in the church, family, work places and the nation as a whole.   Ghana  and Africa needs quality leadership. This leadership can be built in stages. From one level to another. Young people must take their time to learn and rise through the ranks of leadership.

Let us pray for good leaders in our society. God fearing men and women who can demonstrate high sense of competence and integrity.

A good leader is one who demonstrate high sense of competence, knowledge and skill in is his professional and private life..

Knowledge is so crucial to leadership. The world is gradually changing. Your knowledge of two years ago is soon becoming extinct if one does not upgrade to current trends of doing things. The technology revolution is a great example.

Still on leadership.....a nation must honour and respect her leaders. Exodus 22:28 makes it explicitly clear.......Thy shall not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people.

The insults must stop. It is eating up the nation, entering the church and destroying the fabric of society. Christians should not join the world by calling on radio stations to insult their leaders. You must be the exception to the norm. Express an opinion without insults. This is against the will of God to insult your leaders.

In nation building, we must be time conscious. Lateness is a setback to national progress.  The status quo must change. Productive hours should not be wasted on irrelevances.

The christian is the light of the world. The light of the nation. All must endeavor to be good examples in our communities.

Excerpts of sermon by Evangelist Cosmos Owusu - Afriyie of the Oforikrom Church of Christ on the occasion of the Christian Singers program on the theme: "Campaign for Peace Elections through Singing".
Venue: Oforikrom Church of Christ, Kumasi, Ghana.
Date: 8th July, 2012

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