A Prayer for Wisdom. A prayer against Foolishness.

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 …..Give thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this so great a people………. Behold I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. 1 Kings 3:7-14.

What more can a leader ask for than an understanding and discerning heart to judge his people. Solomon’s request pleased God so much that God bless him with wisdom and wealth not seen or heard of in all his days.

Our world is in dire need of wise and discerning leadership in all spheres of our lives. Foolishness on the part of leaders rather send nations and societies down the path of destruction and misery.

Before listing the prayer points, its right to briefly state the five Types of Fools the Bible accounts in scripture.

  1. The simple Fools: They are not discerning; take everything they hear and run with it without giving it much thought.
  2. The Silly Fool: Just speak without thinking; their mouths give them away and gets them into trouble.
  3. The sensual Fool: Only driven by sensual desires and feelings. Act on sexual instincts very quickly with little or no self-control.  
  4. The Scorning Fool: These are law breakers. Do not obey rules or instructions; distasteful in speech; disdain and contempt in his heart for authorities.
  5. The Steadfast Fool: Declares and decides that there is no God. Rejects God and His ways totally.


  1. Prayer: Wisdom for homemakers:

 Those who are training up our children need prayers to give the right council to children. To bring up kids in the fear and wisdom of God.



  1. A Prayer for Teachers and Educators:

We need people of wisdom to teach and guide children through their education. Imagine a fool being an educator would impact same unto children; destroying their future. Coaches and mentors need the wisdom of God to make a right mark on people they instruct.


  1. Prayer: Ask wisdom for the aged people in society: In our societies, the aged are considered wise due to their long years on earth and all their knowledge and experience put together. Consider an aged person who is not wise; its indeed a problem to society. If they are full of lies, deceit, corruption and falsehood, they’re likely to negatively impact the youth and destroy their bright future. Pray for wisdom for the aged.


  1. Prayer: Asking wisdom for the wealthy people in society. Wealth should be used to promote good causes in our world. Wealth in the hands of the wicked and unwise can be used for evil causes. Wars, terrorism, murder, drug trafficking and so much more. Wealthy people have a lot of influence in society and cannot afford to be fools or unwise. Money without wisdom leads to all kinds of suffering for humanity.


Wednesday Prayers led and delivered by Obed Addai (Minister), Church of Christ. Oforikrom, Kumasi

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