Watch and Pray you fall not into temptation.

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Delivery: Daniel Etse, (sermonist) Church of Christ, Oforikrom- Kumasi, Ghana. 28th Dec. 2014

Text: Matthew 26:41

Being watchful is very important. Prayer is also a significant ingredient in the spiritual journey of life. One is not sufficient without the other. We must watch and we must also pray.

Watchfulness engages our senses. It is not passive. It is Alertness. Paying close attention; it makes us conscious of our selves that we are not taken unawares. Watchfulness makes us avoid mistakes and even if it occurs, we are fast to remedy the situation.

What happens when we are not watchful?

  1. Some have lost life time opportunities because they were not watchful.
  2. Parents are sometimes not watchful and their children go wayward.
  3. Businesses go down because of lack of watchfulness.
  4. Families go down (destroyed) by the destroyer because they open up and allow the devil space to operate.
  5. Watchfulness makes us to be able to detect the lies of the devil.

How can we be watchful as believers?

  1. We must make the word of God our standard. (judge things by the word)
  2. By refraining from anything which impairs our thinking. Example – drinking, immorality, over-eating, over-sleeping ect.
  3. We can be watchful by making time to stay awake before God. We need to meditate on God’s word. For instance – watch night sessions, All night prayers, half night prayer exercises etcetera.


  1. Prayer makes us attract God’s attention. Prayer is a clear declaration that we belong to our God.
  2. Prayer makes us tap into God’s abundant supply.
  3. Through prayer – we praise, we thank God and we intercede on behalf of others.
  4. A spirit-filled person cannot loose appetite.

Combining watchfulness and prayer saves us from temptation, dangers and destruction. This makes us over comers.

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