How can Africa rid itself of the perceived African Poverty?

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The BBC radio is currently running a series entitled WHY IS AFRICA POOR? Do we really need to answer this question?
Most of us in Africa can give you 101 reasons  why there is poverty. Like a colleague of mine- EMMANUEL. Bensah who spoke to the BBC on this issue, the question is inappropriate. The reason been that it only focuses on all the wrong reasons and negative reporting about Africa. Answering this question only exposes Africans to more redicule, mockery, frustration, anger and dissolutionment.

I DECIDED to rather address the issue with this question: How can Africa  rid itself of the perceived African poverty?
Foreign powers have played a major role in Africa's problems. However our failure to apply an African perspective to developmental issues have seen us go down  and down the drains.

What has become of the traditional African Authority? Have we relegated it to the back ground in modern politics? This was how Africans governed themselves for centuries before colonial rule. Now all we talk abnout  is a 4 year term of office and election after election. Though there has been some meagre success, there isstill so much lacking in this system. Traditional authority should form an integral part of African governace structure. We need to empower them to oversee the governace of their cities,  towns and villages. By so doing politicians can be held accountable when they fill to do their responsibilities.

We also need to strengthen our institutions of state. security, education, local government, justice system, town and contry planning and many more. The key word is accountability. Governance without accountability is tantamount to poverty and corruption. The poverty everyone complains about isnot really poverty. It is basically people put in authority who have failed to do what they have been empowered to do. Yet No body ask questions. People only complain and sit down. many feel  it's not their business.
It is all of us business to ensure accountability from our leaders in our communities. This way there will be nothing like abject poverty.

Understanding what leadership is- is crucial to answering the question above. LEADERSHIP = HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. This is what everyone of us must have in mind. Leadership should result in adding value to the lives of people we're leading. Increasing their choices and options. Leaving a legacy for future generation to benefit from several generations later. Leadership its not just about power, privilage and authority.  its about adding value and leaving a trail that  leads to prosperity for future generations. It is selfless. Kwame Nkrumah epitomises  this concept. He might not have raised men with the same passion and ambition he characterised but his leadership build a solid foundation for a prosperous future for Ghana and Africa.

Much    more can be said. but i leave it to readers to agree, disagree or comment on thisdebate...

Joseph Foray Jnr. (African reality and the 42nd Generation)

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